Message from RAMA #24, Dec 29, 2021

Lightstation 12

Greetings my beloved dear ones,

Today we speak to you of a higher order… there are so many higher dimensional beings who are aware of your progress.  They applaud these achievements, and they offer their assistance their guidance. 

They are enabling you with their energetic support, sending their love and light through the cosmos to directly affect the stream of consciousness that is now being accessed by you and so many more.   For that stream lifts you higher, more easily.  As your consciousness expands, you allow your energetic vibration to acclimate to this stream.   Your earth tones become in harmony with the vibrations existing in higher dimensions.  Your octaves are lower, yet equally supportive and receptive of these vibrations.  Your soul vibration is calibrating to bring you in alignment so that you may receive more love, support, and more understanding of that from where you came in, and in which you are seeking to return with knowledge, with awareness, with an understanding that you belong in these higher realms from which you voluntarily departed to incarnate into planet earth so, so many times. 

All of this alignment enables an ascendant consciousness, one might say transcendent consciousness for you are able to access your own memory seed atoms. To align your own vibrational existence with that of which you have resonated for so long.  These vibrations carry throughout the universe and identify you for your accomplishments, your love, and your compassion.   These are the measurements for which you are now known.  This vibration is your signal, your calling card to the universe that you may now access the higher dimensions so that you may have access to those guides who have long sought to be of assistance.  You have access to the greater streams of consciousness, the Christ Consciousness which has over lighted the grand experiment of planet Earth.   We congratulate those who remain steadfast in their commitment to pursue their ascendancy, their self-mastery all the while remaining committed to bringing others with them, through their service, through their own example.

Yes, all shall be reunited as the Divine Sparks, aspects of the whole, which fragmented to experience itself, to demonstrate more fully the beauty, the wisdom, the love, the peace, prosperity, the compassion, the joy of living, sharing contributing to one another’s success and most joyous experiences for these are the steps being rewarded with the higher vibration, the greater experience of the stream of Christ Consciousness.  Nothing can replace the joy experienced when one allows the illusions to fall by the wayside and recaptures even a glimmer of your own magnificence of the divine sparks created from the whole.  

As each of you divine sparks find themselves reuniting with soul family over and over again. There is great joy not only among the fragments being reunited as soul family but among those who have observed and witnessed the launch of this grand spectacle known as planet earth.  As soul families reunite and share their joy, the high vibration of love resonates through Gaia, and the grand crystals buried deep beneath her surface are activated; sending this love, this vibration, this high energy throughout the crystalline grid.  This demonstrates to the universe what is possible, what is achievable through co-creator, through Mother/Father God for they are the ones who set these multiple divine blueprints into action. 

And as this old blueprint has ended a new greater, grander, divine blueprint is now in effect that enables the launching of spiritual ascendancy through so many hearts and minds into recapturing a sense of peace and love that was initiated in the garden at creation.    There are many ascended masters who have performed these tasks and have graduated their own service.  Their instruction serves as examples, and roadmaps for those who follow.  For millions of lightworkers are searching for one another, recognizing each other through their light, through their vibration, are coming together; seeking, searching for the lightstations that will enable them to make giant strides and progress.   Your Lightstation12 shall be one of these.

We are enabling the soul family to find and recognize each other.   Have no concerns for the awakening comes through various stages at the proper time. And all is in alignment.  Relax into this process enjoying our support, our love, and our appreciation, as we enjoy yours.  For this is a two-way street. Creator needs co-creators to manifest through proper intention and goodwill to reunite the masculine and the feminine aspects so that neither one dominates, both are participatory with mutual understanding and blessing of each other.   And this is the pathway forward. This is the roadmap for Lightstation12.   With these thoughts and blessings, we leave you but shall never abandon you.  For we are one. 

And so it is.  I AM LORD RAMA.

Copyright:  2021 RONNA VEZANE <> STAR*QUEST<>