Message from RAMA #78, May 29, 2022

Greetings Dear Ones.

We are most pleased to follow up this message from the one given to the participants in the LIghtstation12 dedication ceremony.  We will note evidence begins to pour in of the strength of the combined energies others around the world who will be participating, experiencing communion with your group.  We have told you before, now, and once again you have no idea of the power of your combined energies,  your collective commitment to the evolution of LIghtstation12 .  This process is well underway.. 

Each of you are in the process of your own self-mastery, your own ascension is in various stages of completion.   You are leading this effort.  You have accepted this assignment.  Relish it. Thrive in it.  For it is one significant part of the divine blueprint in the evolution, creation of your lightstation that is now apparent to those lightworkers around the globe. 

Now let us begin with another consideration for this day.

You are receiving messages of the highest order that are meant to be shared.  This work must now begin. Our collective messages have been readied, many have been delivered.  The communication portal has been readied.  Now you must begin to share these messages with others of your soul family which reaches literally around the globe.  

We will help you choose and select the appropriate beginning messages to share, and yes, the work must be done to release this information as given to you, and now evolving into your higher-self wisdom.  This applies equally to each member of the soul family for much work has been done, much has been accomplished,  before you were called to the reassembly.  Many of you will assemble at Lightstation12.  Many of you will collectively assemble your energetic signature through the ethers that you call social media. 

These (electronic) gifts were enabled; many were empowered to create the social media, the world wide web, in preparation for these moments, for this sharing,  this dedication and preparation for the mass ascension of planet earth and all those who choose to take the necessary steps in order to assist and accompany Gaia in her ascension.

The mass, collective ascension has begun.   Your steps to prepare have enabled you to become the guide, the way-shower, the example, and the motivation for others who have not clearly held or seen the same visions that you have been given.   Now is the time, hold the vision, create the reality. 

Release thoughts of insufficiency, inadequacy, for you are well beyond those steps.  Turn within, seek our guidance, allow us to accompany you to assist you.  This reminder applies to all on the path of ascension.  For you should know there are no carte blanche invitations of assistance.  If we are not held in your consciousness we can not assist you, for  we cannot override your free will.  Remember, and remind others, their guides, their angels are all lined up waiting, waiting, for the request, the invitation to assist in this grand process.

Now we would shift once again to this reminder.

You are of divine lineage.  Each of you was challenged, enabled, sent forth by the great masters, the avatars, the archangels.   You have been given so many challenges, so many hurdles, barriers beyond belief that you have already conquered.   We celebrate your resilience, your resurgence despite all the barriers that were given to you.  You have overcome so much in your volunteerism to be here, to be of assistance, to become the World Servers that you are.

We are overjoyed with the response, the recollections of your mission, the rededication of your service, your commitment to await everyone on the path before you claim your own self ascension.   For this is what you have done.

Each of you are well on the path of becoming ascended masters. You have volunteered to delay your personal ascension for the service, the wellbeing of others.   Many follow closely, yet many lag behind.  It is your willingness to serve, and to delay that allows others to catch up to you.  For your love light, your energetic signature is a beacon on their path enabling them to focus on their directions, focus their requests, focus their desire to move forward both singly and collectively.  Your vibrations lift and contribute to others.   It is said a rising tide lifts all boats… this is who you are, this is what you are achieving.

Continue on your path of destiny, knowing you are loved, appreciated, supported, and guided.

All is well.  So Be It.

And so it is.