Message from RAMA #49, Feb 11, 2022

Greetings Dear Ones.

We are grateful for the opportunity to speak directly to, and through your soul family.
Much energy has been accumulated to present this project in a full and complete manifestation as it now becomes available to serve as this two way portal of communication and enhanced energy and consciousness flow known as Lightstation12. The beginning of this project has been long underway and the initiation, the construction is now truly in the developmental stage. We have been waiting for these messengers, for these channels to be in place to be available, to make themselves ready with our assistance and our guidance. So that all may be achieved in perfect and divine harmony. That time is now. So let it begin.

It begins with you. Your soul family has accumulated and been guided through your north star, Lady Ronna (Ronna Herman Vezane). She is to be honored and congratulated for seeing this accomplishment through to this new beginning. There is celebration and joy throughout the various dimensions as those who have been awaiting this opportunity are now able to focus their energy, their consciousness on this two-way portal.

Many will come who are receptive, they are opening to receive the gifts that we are to bestow upon them. Through their receptiveness, their willingness to become world servers. There are many spiritual beings gathered about ready to assist and facilitate the flow of energy and information the expanding consciousness that occurs through this new portal.

This system was placed thousands of years ago waiting for this time, this family, these spiritual entities to all gather in this one sacred space to facilitate all that is happening. For the shift is underway. Many are now ready and available to accommodate the higher frequency the increased vibrations through their physical and etheric bodies. As they assimilate their own fragments, we celebrate their unity consciousness. And we reward them with new and exciting opportunities to dramatically expand their own consciousness, to be of service to others who shall follow on this path of divine inspiration. Let it be so. And so, it begins.

We would now once again begin to discuss topics which have been popping up on your mind, intriguing your curiosity regarding the relationship between star seed and those who are perceived as extraterrestrials. You are all of the same lineage. As star seed you have come from these known planets that have been of service to planet Earth for so long, Orion, Arcturus, and especially the Pleiades. You have transitioned through several of these in your own existence and growth. You have been the noble warriors, the spiritual light bearers, that have volunteered to come in and be of service to the spiritual beings seeking their own earthly experiences. These other planets have graduated through their own ascendancy, their own mastery and now you are to assist and enable Gaia in her ascension.

You are all enabled, you are all empowered through the assistance, the guidance of higher councils, and the angelic realm. They have all contributed greatly to this process that is now well underway on our beautiful planet earth. Gaia makes her ascension and seeks the greatest number of humans enabled to accompany her, making this shift into the higher densities.

It is admirable that you are beginning to understand that not all seek to make this shift. That is their decision. They have their own reasons and purposes, they have their own needs as far as experiences. Allow them their space to make their own decisions. For each has different opportunities and needs to complete their own karmic cycles. Just because many of you are eliminating the need to participate in this karmic wheel, others have not progressed quite so far. Yet it still serves a great and valued purpose in life experience.

You have come to a greater understanding that you can observe those decisions, which you would not make, without disturbance, without concern, knowing that everyone has their own path, their own free will to express themselves, to learn life’s valued lessons, to gain the needed experiences to complete the holes in their mastery lessons.

We applaud those of you who are now making the connections to understanding your purpose, your value to those throughout the various 3rd, 4th, and 5th densities. We know that you now understand you have moved fluidly back and forth between sublevels and even densities based on your own beliefs, paradigms, understandings, and your consciousness which is expanding dramatically.

As you seek intuitive knowledge you open the channel of light, and love. You open your memory seed atoms with your divine knowledge. You access deeper intuition. This provides the light, the path, the guidance for others. And makes their path easier, more illumined. Know that you are appreciated for serving in these roles.

Your light, your love assists the animal kingdom as well as the humans. You are beginning to see things in a new light so to speak. You are experiencing a new connection, of consciousness of which shamans and vision seekers have been attempting to explore. These things now are becoming apparent to you. These are gifts, gifts earned by your diligence, your pursuit of more spiritual approaches to life, and understanding the connection of unity. Consciousness is without limits. Animals freely express and explore the consciousness that they have within their limitations. You are now beginning to feel what they feel. How they cocreate, how they explore their environment and their conditions. Continue to support, love and appreciate all that goes on in the animal kingdoms and the plant and mineral kingdoms as well.

And so we would leave you now. Know that you are loved. You are an inspiration to us and those who follow in your footsteps. Your light shines brightly, for your soul family, for those of us who observe you, support you and guide you. We love you more than you can begin to know. And so it is.


Copyright:  2022 RONNA VEZANE <> STAR*QUEST<>