Message from RAMA #51, Feb 14, 2022 #2

Lightstation 12

Greetings Dear Ones.

It is wonderful to have this opportunity to express ourselves directly through this channel filled with good intent.  We appreciate the group meditations this morning that went on for world peace.  they are productive, they help shift energy and consciousness around the world. They also mark those who participate as world servers, dedicated to selfless action.  Allowing themselves to be conduits for Mother/Father Love and Light to be pulled down from the higher densities, and to be distributed through these lightworkers, as individual channels, individual lightstations.  This work is blessed, this work accomplishes much. This work must go on. 

Now we begin this session with more about harmonics.  Vibrations resonate with each other in ways you have not begun to imagine.  When you walk into a room and feel a connection with multiple persons, these are harmonic vibrations.   You are easily aligned and synchronistic.   You may be in different vibrations, but they are harmonic, synchronistic.   Pay attention to toning, vibrations, chanting.  There are powerful messages within much of this.   Hindu wisdom was aware of the power of certain sounds like Om and others.  You would do well to research this and to apply this to studies at Lightstation12.  

There is much to be congratulated for, there is much to be recognized for.   But we know that is not the motivation that each of you brings to this table.  You have proven yourselves to be selfless, higher-minded individuals who seek to be of service.   Recognize your gifts, your guides.  All that has assisted you, all that has enabled you to achieve this work.  It is its own reward.   But it also gathers and accumulates more rewarding energy than you have experienced thus far.  

Lightworkers gathered around the world today, holding a vision of love and peace.  This resonates throughout the dimensions surrounding Gaia, Mother Earth.   Gaia feels it, Gaia ingests it, and Gaia distributes it.  For there is no separation.  Gaia is you.  You are Gaia.  The densities are vibrating with joy.  There is much singing, celebrating, for days like today have been rare in the past, yet they are gathering momentum.   The “101st monkey” and more have joined this massive meditation of love and peace, dedicated to enriching all of humanity, not just those who are like; like-minded, like-beliefs, look-alike, sound-alike, but all of those who hold a vision of world peace.   They did not isolate, separate, segregate; they congregated, they united.  Their unity consciousness elevates them. It empowers their personal stream of consciousness, aligning closer and closer with the stream of Christ consciousness that is now available to all.  Yes, through brother Yeshua and others, they are the shining examples of how one can access this stream of consciousness, utilize it to manifest love, light, peace, joy, abundance, harmony.  All that is good, is available through Mother/Father God through this stream of consciousness.

Yes, it is synchronistic that you have found additional references to light operating as waves, and simultaneously as particles.  Do you think it is either/or?   Or do you think it is simultaneous?  Perhaps it is the observer who makes the decision, collapsing the potential to one or the other.  But we would ask you who, what is the ultimate observer?   Your science has come far.  It now relates to streams of consciousness, multiple dimensions, probabilities of extraterrestrial travel.  These things were hidden until the last century.   As man has tapped into the intuitive wisdom of Mother/Father God they have allowed science to progress equally with consciousness studies.   It is a cooperative relationship.  Advances rely on both.  There is a similarity between intention, will, and intuition, and nurturing, birthing. 

Now allow us to move to another segment for this evening’s discussion. 

When you are aligned and you are peaceful, calm, confident, loving, these reflect your access to the stream of consciousness.  You are not entering the stream, you are feeling the stream, for the stream exists within you.  It is not hidden.  You must first seek to access information, beingness.  You pull down the stream through your cords of light.  Study them, learn them, utilize them through your intention, your will.  Develop your feminine aspects of intuition and nurturing, creation.  For they are meant to be used together.

This is why you are here. For these experiences of growth, divine inspired creation.  There are no limits there is only potential. Use it. You intuitively know how to do this.  The memory seed atoms are active within you.  Use them. Access them, seek our help, our divine guidance.  For intentional creation is a divine blessing not just for the creator but for all of those in your density.  These achievements radiate throughout the higher densities.   

They lift up those within your own density and they provide examples of what can and should be done.  What can and should be accessible to each and every divine spark occupying the 3rd 4th, and entry 5th densities.   We are excited for the new opportunities presented by these enlightened humans.  Know that the shrouds of mystery are being eliminated so that you may access all that you are, all that you can become, as you create a new divinely inspired environment. 

Following the guidelines of the new divine blueprints that are ready, that are accessible,  turn within, ask for help.  Your spirit guides, your soul, your oversoul, your sacred triad are all available.  All are eager to assist you in achieving your full potential.

And so we would leave you now in joy and wonder for all that is coming to fruition, through you and your soul family.  For they are blessed, and they are blessings to all those who surround them, who follow them.   Let it be so.

And so it is.