Archangel Michael Message for Red Rock Road Fundraiser

A Message from Archangel Michael
(Ronna Vezane / Sacred Scribe)

– A Building-Fund-Raiser Event, Reno, Nevada, September 24, 2022 –
– For the 1st World Servers – Lightstation12 –
– 14080 N, Red Rock Rd., Reno, Nevada –
– These Are The “BRIDGING YEARS” –


A stream of higher consciousness is pouring forth from our Mother/Father God, as the Earth and our Solar System spiral upward and outward toward the Great Milky Way Galactic heart center. Many StarSeed Souls have fully activated and unified their Sacred Heart and Sacred Mind so that they, the Way Shower-Light Bearers, will have access to an infinite supply of the Adamantine Particles of pure Divine Light Substance from which everything in all Creation is manifested.


These are the “Bridging Years,” whereby humanity is endeavoring to integrate many levels of higher consciousness.  You are also gaining access to the portals which give you access to the Cities of Light so that you may anchor these Pathways firmly within the new Crystalline Earth Grid System of the Aquarian Age. You are building Light Stations of new awareness between you and your Soul family on Earth. You are also re-establishing and strengthening the connection with the many Facets of your Divine Self. In order to accomplish this, you must learn to stay “centered in the NOW moment” as you filter your thoughts through your Sacred Mind and Sacred Heart centers.

Some Sacred Sites hold refined energetic encodings that, when activated, can assist in molecular and cellular rearrangement of your physical form. They could be called integration portals which will help you to align and connect with the Earth’s new Crystalline Grid System. Pyramids in the Higher Dimensions are energetically connected through Grid Ley Lines, and they are Light Stations for inter-dimensional travel. They are also temples of wisdom and storehouses for vast amounts of Cosmic Creative Energy.

As more and more of you radiate unconditional love by sending balanced and harmonious energies out into the ethers, it creates what has been called the “Rainbow Bridge.”  This bridge is a pathway of Light, which radiates the higher frequencies of the twelve Rays of this Sub-Universe. They are infused with the virtues, qualities and attributes of the new Aquarian Age.

It is an Arc of Light which is a covenant between you, us, and our Father/Mother God.  The rainbows you see in the sky are changing and more Light beams and colors are being added as you access and draw forth the refined frequencies of Light from on High.  It is a promise made manifest, “We will leave you with a visible path to guide you back to your home among the stars.”

Beloveds, won’t you make a concerted effort to fully open your Sacred Heart and Sacred Mind Centers so that these wondrous gifts can be showered down upon you? Call on us and allow us to assist you.  Remember, we are only a heartbeat and a thought away. We enfold you in sacred, unconditional love. I AM Archangel Michael.

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