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Office Manager and Web-master

Amy is Ronna Vezane’s granddaughter and lives with her as her personal assistant / care-giver. She is also Office Manager and Web-master of her Star Quest business. Amy began studying AA Michael’s teachings about eight years ago. Since that time, she has continually looked for new spiritual teachings to study and integrate into her daily life, which changed dramatically since that time, “for the better.”
    Amy loves photography, cooking and animals. She was recently inspired to take pictures through a “crystal prism” of some of the lovely flowers in Ronna’s backyard, along with some of the beautiful artwork and statuary in her home. The results were some amazing refracted pictures, which AA Michael told us are a representation of how the items look in the higher Fifth-Dimension as they are being formed. She has loved experimenting with the concept and observing the crazy and wonderful results!
    Amy has always been interested in Dragon’s, fairy’s, unicorns, and so on. They fascinate her as she says “we only have to believe to see them”. Amy loves working with crystals and stones, and has recently created some children’s Dragon Magic stone kits, Chakra crystal kits and Birthstone – numerology kits that she sells on the Star Quest website. Amy also does stone massages with animals, and her dogs absolutely love it. She has done stone massages on a few people, and they say, “It was the most relaxing massage I’ve ever had.”
    Amy is excited about the future and the unlimited possibilities that Light Station 12 holds! She says “I am so honored to be an integral part of it. I look forward to assisting in anything from site work to planning events and everything in between. I know we can create anything we can imagine!”

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